Sal Khan at SXSWedu says he Thought YouTube was for Cats

Sal Khan was awfully wrong when he assumed that YouTube was for cats almost ten years ago.


Khan told a crowd of several thousand at the SXSWedu Festival that he started creating academic help videos when his cousin needed school help. People told him that he should upload these self-help videos to YouTube to start helping others and he laughed, "I thought YouTube was for videos about cats".


Khan said that during the early days of producing videos in his walk-in closet at home he would often update his resume incase he needed to get another job. As a non-profit, Khan Academy was receiving donations, $10 and $20 at a time. Helping to put Khan Academy on the route to massive success was a $100,000 donation from an early believer and a famous user: Bill Gates of Microsoft. 


Khan Academy recently received a grant and produced an informational video titled: You Can Learn Anything. The video, available on YouTube, gives hope to all learns by reminding us that "everyone begins at zero" and that even Einstein couldn't count to ten once. 






March 13, 2015