Former Head of Berkshire School to Take Reins at Lake Placid, NY Prep School this July

Northwood School Welcomes Mike Maher as 11th Head of School 

LAKE PLACID, NY (May 12, 2015) – Northwood School in Lake Placid, NY – one of upstate New York’s leading coeducational college preparatory schools – will usher in a new era starting this July when it welcomes its new Head of School, Mike Maher, to its longstanding educational legacy. 

Maher, the former Head of School at Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA for nine years, will take the lead as Northwood School’s 11th Head of School starting July 1. He will succeed current Headmaster, Ed Good.

“There’s no better job in the world than being a Head of School because you have such a broad and deep impact, especially at a small boarding school,” Maher said of his pending takeover. “At Northwood, no student is anonymous, and the faculty has this unique ability to handcraft and individualize each student’s experience in a very powerful way.”

During his tenure at Berkshire School, Maher had an incredible track record, including nearly tripling Berkshire’s endowment and doubling admission numbers. That’s one area where Northwood board member Karen Miller says Maher stood out from the nationwide pool of candidates.

“When Mike came to the table, we knew he was a great fit,” Miller said of Maher’s application for the position. “His 25+ years in the world of education, fundraising experience, and ability to know his students on a personal, one-on-one basis – that’s a combination you don’t find in every school administrator. The board and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about welcoming him into the fold here at Northwood this July.”

Hockey Beginnings Led Maher to Northwood

It may have been fated for Maher to become Northwood’s newest Head of School. In 1987, Maher was a fresh University of Vermont graduate and former hockey player entering his first year as a hockey coach at The Taft School in Watertown, CT. The man who interviewed him for the job? An outside expert brought in to find Taft’s new coach – then Brown University Hockey coach, and former Northwood assistant headmaster and coach, Jim Fullerton.

“Jim interviewed me for the job at Taft and became an inspiring figure in my life,” Maher said of Fullerton. “The Northwood connections just continued from there for the next 20 years.”

Early in his years at Taft, Headmaster Lance Odden even commented that he could see Maher as a Head of School one day – at a school like Northwood.

“At one point, the headmaster said to me, ‘You could run a school someday – I could see you running a school like Northwood someday,’ ” Maher reflected. “Because he had planted that seed, I paid attention when I met Northwood people over the years and I seemed to fit well with them. They shared some common values with me.”

A Bright Future for Northwood as Part of the Community

As he readies to take the helm, Maher envisions a bright future for Northwood thanks to a foundation established by departing Headmaster, Ed Good.

“Thanks to Ed’s fine work, the school is in a really great place,” Maher said of his predecessor’s tenure.

Coming into the 2015 - 2016 school year, Maher hopes to augment and expand Northwood’s programs as a means of appealing to and attracting a broader spectrum of students. Utilizing the school’s location as an asset will be key in developing these new initiatives. 

“In addition to leveraging our location in Lake Placid and the Adirondacks, I hope to bring more attention to fundraising and alumni relations,” Maher noted. “Alongside all of this, continuing to improve the school without losing the soul of the school is extremely important to me.” 

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May 12, 2015